When should you consider a refinance?

Have you asked yourself the following questions?

  • Has your home loan needs changed over time? Is your existing loan still the best one for you?
  • Would you like to consolidate other types of debts by borrowing more from the equity you gained in your home or investment property?
  • Is the interest rate and fees that you are paying for your existing home loan still competitive in the market?

If the answer is YES to any of the questions above, you might take some time to think about refinancing.

How we can help you with refinancing:

  • We will help you review your latest home loan needs and any considerations on refinancing.
  • Determine the best loan product in the market for you, and very importantly discuss with you the benefits of refinancing to the product as well as your overall refinancing cost.
  • Handled the paperwork of your refinance application from start to finish.

Would like to know more about refinance?

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